Thank you to ALL that applied!

I was so pleased with the response and number of applications for the Ryan Alexander Good Person Scholarship. Our goal was to expand the program and help students from all walks of life in al corners of the globe and we were able to do that. Before we oven go any further let me say thank you for applying, you are special and keep moving forward with your education. I really truly hope you have a good year and please make sure you keep checking for our other programs.

Also I would like to thank the field reporters Jayden, Peyton and Cynthia, you all did an amazing job. you could all help them by voting for your favorite reporter and the winner will receive $100. So when you watch the video, comment below on you you think did best. Cynthia, Peyton, Jayden or All of the above.

Next Best of Las Vegas voting is currently going and we are up there. It is not often you get a chance to go against the big dogs, but I think we re ready. You can use the link below to vote and you can vote once a day. So vote and share!

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