The Hope & Help Scholarship

One thing that is near and dear to me is education. Every single level of education is important, every single one.  Believe me graduating from Harvard Law School couldn’t have happened if I didn’t graduate from college, high school or even elementary school for that mater. Unfortunately a lot of  times that financial ability gets in the way of education. For that reason I started The Hope & Help Scholarship. While the amount of The Hope & Help Scholarship is not life changing for some, it could be for others. It could be the difference between having books, materials, food, a few bus passes or any other incidentals that a student may need a little help paying for, and not having them.  

THE ONLY PREREQUISITE for The Hope & Help Scholarship is the student wants to learn. Again it does not matter the age or grade of the student. It does not matter where the student goes to school (could be homeschooled). What does matter is that the student wants to learn!

We will be giving away $250 prepaid Visa gift cards to 5 well deserving students for both fall and spring semesters.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to offer Hope & Help to a friend or loved one that needs a boost, or for yourself. The Hope & Help Scholarship is for ANY student from ANY walk of life ANYWHERE! ALL are encouraged to apply.

To nominate a person or to apply simply fill out the form below by July 1st. for the Fall Term or January 5th for the Spring Term. We will randomly select the names and notify the winners to give them their $250 prepaid Visa card. You can nominate a person more than once and multiple people can nominate the same person (example: a family nominates a student)

Please help us share the gift of Hope & Help by sharing this with friends and family or any student in need!

Sometimes the smallest amount HELP can turn into HOPE which leads to encouragement. That encouragement could turn into great results all from that little bit of help.

We’d like to thank the many of you that have encouraged us over the years

Now, let’s GIVE some HOPE and HELP!

Hope & Help Scholarship Form

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