Abogado Accidente Good Person Scholarship

Being a good student isn’t easy. Being a good person can sometimes be even more difficult. So let’s reward the ones that try.

As a father of four amazing children, from just about in pre-k to just about in college, I realize that the last couple years have not been easy on students. Whether it was trying to adjust to online learning to trying to adjusting to getting back to school without masks, students have had to constantly adjust. It has been difficult and challenging at times to say the least. Even trying to get school supplies has been a challenge this year more than years past. I wanted to help so I started “The Good Person Scholarship” where all you have to do to qualify is try and be a good person. Being a good student is not always easy, and being a good person can be just as difficult or even more so at times. So why don’t we reward those who try?

We are giving these scholarships out in the fall and winter semesters, so make sure you keep your eyes out for application dates. Any student, any age, any school, any place in the world, any grades all you have to do is want to be a good person. 


Spring 2021 “The Good Person Scholarship” winners

Abogado Accidente Vegas - The Good Person Scholarship Ashley Carmona

Ashley Carmona

Ashley was nominated anonymously by two people that said she works hard, is a good student and always tries to make people happy. 

When asked about her future Ashley said “What I hope to do in the future is help nurture our youth because I’ve always had a love for being around children. I hope to do so by either becoming a teacher or a child specialist so I can impact these young lives on a personal level and create fond relationships with the little ones in a quality versus quantity manner.”

It doesn’t get better than that. Congratulations Ashely!

Abogado Accidente Vegas - The Good Person Scholarship Bentley Gonzalez

Bentley Gonzalez

Bentley was nominated by by his aunt Jenny who says he is caring and generous. 

Bentley loves to spend time playing video games and hanging out with is dad and little brother. He is a 5th grader that really loves math and hopes maybe that can turn into something some day for him. True to Bentley’s generous form, when he won, he shared his money right down the middle with his little brother. 

Can’t wait to see what that love for math turns into. Congratulations Bentley!

Abogado Accidente Vegas - The Good Person Scholarship Ivory Olsen

Ivory Olsen

Ivory was nominated from her aunt Katie whom says she is a bundle of love, positive energy and good vibes. 

Ivory loves all things girly. She aspires to be a fashion designer or actress when she is older. She is a kind, fun loving girl. She works hard in school and has an outgoing happy personality!

With family full of smiles like that, I have no doubt she’ll get where she is trying to go. Congratulations Ivory!

Abogado Accidente Vegas - The Good Person Scholarship Aaciyana Jenkins

Aaciyana Jenkins

Both Aaciyana and her brother Aaron Jr. were nominated by their parents who said they love them both incredibly and are proud of them every single day for their hard work and dedication.

Aaciyana’s mom wrote, “my daughter has fell in love with flag football and is hoping to one day get a scholarship to college for flag and maybe play for the USA team. She is currently playing for a club team and has been dedicating all her time to training and practicing.”

Can I just say that’s really cool? If I were a betting man I’d put my money on Aaciyana.  Congratulations Aaciyana!

Abogado Accidente Vegas - The Good Person Scholarship Elizabeth Castro

Elizabeth Castro

Elizabeth was nominated by her mother Luz. I have to say that Luz has nominated so many people and never herself, so we were happy to see her daughter win. 

Elizabeth’s mom wrote, “Elizabeth is in special education she is hungry to learn. She would love to be able to do more therapy so if we won, we would use the money for that. She is a great child and we are blessed to have her and see her grow. Thank you”

We are so happy to be able to help out a little to this great family.  Luz please stay in touch with updates.  Congratulations Elizabeth!

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