3rd Annual Thanks For Giving Thanksgiving Giveaway!

We are happy to announce the 3rd annual Thanks For Giving Thanksgiving Giveaway.  While the last year may have been good for some, it has also been difficult for many. Whether it be the price of gas or the price of food, we have certainly felt a pinch here in the Las Vegas Valley. That stress can sometimes make it difficult to express our appreciation and gratitude. My team and I would like to help spread the gratitude we feel by creating the, “Give Hope & Help ThanksGIVING GIVEaway 2023!”

This year we are giving away Walmart Gift cards.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to offer Hope & Help to a friend or loved one that needs a boost, or a way to express appreciation for someone for whom you are thankful. It could be any person from any walk of life.

To nominate a person simply fill out the form below by November 19th. We will randomly select the names from a drawing and notify the winners by giving them their Walmart gift card as well as the note of appreciation that you wrote.

Multiple people can nominate the same person (example: students nominating a teacher). Winners will be posted on the website with the story of their nomination.

Please help us spread the spirit of thankfulness by sharing this with friends and family!

There are two words when spoken with sincerity have the ability to create hope, help and change a life: THANK YOU.

We thank YOU for your support. May you find plenty of reasons to give thanks. Let’s give thanks to your special someone.


Abogado Accidente Vegas - Jimaii DEsign


Entries are only open to Las Vegas Area residents

Only 1 winner per household

Winners must pick up their Walmart gift card from Attorney Ryan Alexander’s office within 90 days or we will regift the gift.

Hope & Help ThanksGIVING GIVEaway Nomination Form

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