Award Winning DUI Attorney Walks You Through The Process Of A DUI Case In Las Vegas

I know how a DUI can turn your world upside down. Your future and freedom is at stake after being arrested and criminally charged in Nevada. DUI laws in Nevada are extremely strict and can have lasting consequences. Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of getting charged with a DUI, is not knowing the process. For that reason award winning DUI attorney Ryan Alexander walks us through the process of a DUI case in Las Vegas.


DUI Case In Las Vegas by Ryan Alexander best DUI attorney in Las Vegas

When it rains it pours, so you better have a good umbrella

As we go through the process of a DUI case in Las Vegas, just know that you are not alone in this. I have quickly and expertly handled hundreds of DUI cases in the courts of Clark County, Nevada. You will personally meet with me,  an award winning Nevada licensed attorney Also, your case will be handled by me. We will sit down together in a free consultation and fully advise you of all your rights, the criminal and civil penalties that you’re facing, and the likely outcomes.

I  understand your situation

My mother taught me that good people make mistakes.  So I’m here to make sure that you get the best protection and representation available. However, experience alone won’t be enough to protect you against the penalties you face. You need hard-hitting tactics that have been specially designed to address the unique needs of your case.

Let’s talk about a typical process of a DUI case in Las Vegas?

When reviewing your case and explaining your potential defenses, some key areas are examined:

Did the officer have a legal reason to stop your vehicle?

Referred to as “probable cause,” there has to be a legitimate reason to pull you over.  Usually this is for a minor traffic infraction. Those could range from changing lanes without signaling to not having your headlights on after dusk. Other examples are having a burnt out tail light, going at least a mile an hour over the speed limit.  Examples also include making a U-turn in a “no u-turn” zone, etc.  However, driving slowly, movement within your lane, sleeping in your vehicle and other behaviors may not be sufficient probable cause, and those will become parts of your defense.

Did the officer have a reason to have you exit the vehicle, and to perform Field Sobriety Tests?

Once you are stopped, there has to be a reason that the officer suspects you are under the influence of alcohol to have you perform Field Sobriety Tests.  These are the tests where he moves a finger in front of your face, you walk heel-to-toe, or stand on one leg.  Usually, these tests are given because the driver admits to drinking.  And pretty much everyone stopped says, “two beers,” or, “a couple of beers.”

Please pay attention to this section

Never say that you have been drinking, because it gives the police the reason to test and arrest you – you will not get lenience for honesty at this point of a traffic stop!.  The officer will indicate on his report that you had red cheeks, glassy or red eyes, slurred speech, clumsy movement, etc. and you may have medical conditions, contact lenses or other issues that cause such appearance or behavior.





NURSING HOME SLIP & FALL - Best Attorney in Las Vegas Ryan AlexanderRyan Alexander: Las Vegas DUI Attorney

Helping you understand the process of a DUI case in Las Vegas is the first step in moving forward. There’s no doubt that facing strict penalties you need a talented DUI attorney. 

Award winning  Attorney Ryan Alexander is an experienced trial attorney with extensive experience in DUI cases in Las Vegas. You don’t want to risk losing money, time or your freedom by using an inexperienced attorney. Call Call (702) 868-3311 to set up a free consultation and let’s get you moving in the right direction.

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