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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

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A warrior in the courtroom, award winning Attorney Ryan Alexander loves going to trial if necessary. He has taken countless civil cases to jury verdict or decision. Although Ryan is verse in general law, he tends to spend most of his time specializing in personal injury law. That includes car crashes, trucking crashes, Uber & Lyft crashes.

Additionally, he also handles slip and fall injuries in stores or by business employees. Ryan also handles defective products and insurance bad faith cases. Many of Ryan’s cases are claims referred by other lawyers for trial, especially when the legal issues are complicated. At the Law Office of Attorney Ryan Alexander, our Las Vegas personal injury attorney team helps people – men and women just like you – fight against insurance companies and other liable parties. After an injury or the death of a loved one, you have rights, and it’s our job to help you exercise those rights.

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Civil Litigation

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Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation covers a wide variety of matters, and Civil Litigation Attorney Ryan Alexander handles many of them. Listed below are some of the civil litigation cases we handle:

Personal Injury: Whether it’s from an auto accident or a violent act, no one enjoys being injured. As a result, the victim is left with physical, emotional and financial pains that were caused by someone else.

Auto Accidents: These are the most common civil suits and occur when motor vehicles collide with other vehicles, pedestrians or road debris. It can also include collisions with 18-wheelers, rideshare vehicles and boats.

Corporate Fraud: Just as individuals can, a business can also engage in fraudulent activity and such activity often results in financial harm to other individuals or businesses. Corporate fraud can include intentional misrepresentation, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud and more. 

Product Liability: Serious and sometimes fatal injures can occur when a company sells a dangerous or defective product. Companies that fail to warn of possible recalls or defects can be held liable for injuries caused by the product.

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