The Ryan Cares – Give Hope & Help Secret Santa Christmas Giveaway IS HERE!

Believe me I am with you when I say this year has had its ups and downs. I have been inspired and motived constantly by the kindness and strength of others even when they seem to be facing adversity themselves. This year, I want to reward those people.

For the past couple of years, Jay and I have gone around Las Vegas and a couple days before Christmas and handed out numerous gifts. This year we are going to do it a little bit different. This year we want to create an greater impact. So we are asking for your help to reach the people who have inspired or motivated you. The ones that have made you feel loved, cared about or supported. This year let’s create an impact.

READ THIS TWICE – This is not a huge corporation or non profit that has multiple resources dedicated to providing services to families in need. This is just me, trying to make a difference and help through the programs that I created. We only give help through these programs. Please respect that.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to Give Hope & Help to a friend or loved one that needs a boost, or a way to express appreciation for someone for whom you are thankful. It could be any person from any walk of life, including yourself!

To nominate a person, please fill out the form below by December 18th. We will randomly select the names from a drawing and hand deliver the gifts to the winners as well as the nomination note that you wrote.

Multiple people can nominate the same person (example: students nominating a teacher). Winners will be posted on the website with the story of their nomination, picture and possibly a video of them.

Please help us spread the spirit of thankfulness by sharing this with friends and family!

There are two words when spoken with sincerity have the ability to create hope, help and change a life: THANK YOU.

We thank YOU for your support. May you find plenty of reasons to give thanks. Let’s give thanks to your special someone.

One Christmas Present - Give Hope & Help - Jimaii Design

Sometimes 1 present from the right person can make all the difference.

Additionally (the fine print):

  • Entries are only open to Nevada residents.
  • Only 1 winner per household.
  • Each form must be filled out completely
  • Enter as many times as you want.
  • Nominate anyone you believe deserves it, including yourself.
  • Gift presentations will be filmed or photographed to document and share the experience and winners agree to let us tell their story and use the images or video on our website and for future promotions.
  • Only 1 nomination per household (the whole family can not nominate mom so mom has 7 nominations MULTIPLE NOMINATIONS FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED)

Please take the time to fill out the form correctly so I don’t have to DQ it. thanks

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