The Ultimate Ryan Cares – Give Hope & Help $17,500 Christmas GIVEaway IS HERE!

This year wasn’t very friendly to many people here in the Las Vegas valley. Between inflation, gas and housing costs soaring, this certainly has been a difficult year to get through for all of us. I have seen so many great acts of kindness and unselfishness and decided to really focus on those aspects this year. Please – please – please read the details of this years Ultimate Ryan Cares Christmas Giveaway because I need your help. We have decided to do 3 giveaways and they are each designed to inspire others to Give Hope & Help and at the same time show others that someone cares.

Giveaway #1 $1500 Christmas Party

I would like to throw a Christmas Party for a group/organization/nonprofit that caters to helping people, especially families and youth. Here is how we need your help. Please comment on the post who we should throw a Christmas Party for and we will draw from the nominations. The Party will include food, Christmas gifts for kids form Santa and a talk from myself and Jay.

Giveaway #2 (two) $3000 Christmas Stars

As you know from last year, the Christmas Star is a program where we couple with the community to make someone feel like a Christmas Star. That person is selected from the previous giveaways. They MUST have entered in or won a previous giveaway this year (2022). The stars are selected by my team (not a drawing) based on a multitude of variables including how their interaction was with us, their personal circumstances, how they inspire others and more. (hint we want to reward people who genuinely give this year). Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what you give, it matters that you Give Hope & Help to others.

We had so many people reach out last year wanting to be a part of our Give Hope & Help program, we had to do it again this time adding one caveat. This year there will be two winners. One from Las Vegas, and one from anywhere in the world. AND we are going to still HAND deliver the the surprise to the person. Yes, that means there will be one winner from not just another state, but possibly another country. Where ever they are, we will still be there in person to congratulate them and hand them their prize in person.

Giveaway #3 $10,000.00 Secret Santa Giveaway

My team and I would like to help spread the gratitude we feel by creating the, “Give Hope & Help Secret Santa GIVEaway 2021!”

We will be giving away:

1 – $1,000 pre-paid Visa gift card

10 – $500 pre-paid Visa gift cards

16 – $250 pre-paid Visa gift cards

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to Give Hope & Help to a friend or loved one that needs a boost, or a way to express appreciation for someone for whom you are thankful. It could be any person from any walk of life, including yourself!

To nominate a person, please fill out the form below by December 18th. We will randomly select the names from a drawing and hand deliver the gifts to the winners as well as the nomination note that you wrote.

Multiple people can nominate the same person (example: students nominating a teacher). Winners will be posted on the website with the story of their nomination, picture and possibly a video of them.

Please help us spread the spirit of thankfulness by sharing this with friends and family!

There are two words when spoken with sincerity have the ability to create hope, help and change a life: THANK YOU.

We thank YOU for your support. May you find plenty of reasons to give thanks. Let’s give thanks to your special someone.

One Christmas Present - Give Hope & Help - Jimaii Design

Sometimes 1 present from the right person can make all the difference.

Additionally (the fine print):

  • Entries are only open to Nevada residents.
  • Only 1 winner per household.
  • Each form must be filled out completely
  • Enter as many times as you want.
  • Nominate anyone you believe deserves it, including yourself.
  • Gift presentations will be filmed or photographed to document and share the experience and winners agree to let us tell their story and use the images or video on our website and for future promotions.
  • Only 1 nomination per household (the whole family can not nominate mom so mom has 7 nominations MULTIPLE NOMINATIONS FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED)

The Give Hope & Help $10,000 Secret Santa GIVEaway 2022 Nomination Form

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