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Civil litigation is a legal conflict that involve parties seeking compensation or other forms of relief from another party. These cases can involve product liability, personal injury and auto accidents.

Civil litigation is a legal process where criminal charges and penalties are not at issue, but they are still dealt with in the courtroom so a jury or judge can decide on the matter.

If you are wishing to bring a civil suit against another party, choosing Attorney Ryan Alexander can make all the difference.  Justice Trial Attorney Ryan Alexander is experienced in many areas of civil litigation and they will strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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Civil Litigation

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Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation covers a wide variety of matters, and Civil Litigation Attorney Ryan Alexander handles many of them. Listed below are some of the civil litigation cases we handle:

Personal Injury: Whether it’s from an auto accident or a violent act, no one enjoys being injured. As a result, the victim is left with physical, emotional and financial pains that were caused by someone else.

Auto Accidents: These are the most common civil suits and occur when motor vehicles collide with other vehicles, pedestrians or road debris. It can also include collisions with 18-wheelers, rideshare vehicles and boats.

Corporate Fraud: Just as individuals can, a business can also engage in fraudulent activity and such activity often results in financial harm to other individuals or businesses. Corporate fraud can include intentional misrepresentation, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud and more. Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys has the ability to represent the rights of clients who are harmed by corporations.

Product Liability: Serious and sometimes fatal injures can occur when a company sells a dangerous or defective product. Companies that fail to warn of possible recalls or defects can be held liable for injuries caused by the product.

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