Award Winning Las Vegas Attorney Walks You Through Casino Marker Debts

I know how gambling debt can turn your world upside down. If you or a loved one has a problem with gambling there are many resources available. There are resources available at the Nevada Council. Of course you can also reach out to the gambling problem center

With as much gambling that goes on in the state of Nevada, you would think more people would be aware of the gambling laws. It is a surprise for most people to learn that not repaying a gambling debt to a Las Vegas casino is a felony with steep penalties and a sentence of prison time.


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When it rains it pours, so you better have a good umbrella

As we take a look at casino marker debt in Las Vegas, just know that you are not alone. I have discreetly and professionally handled cases in the courts of Clark County, Nevada for over a decade. You will personally meet with me,  an award winning Nevada licensed attorney. Also, your case will be handled by me, not a paralegal. We will sit down together in a free consultation and fully advise you of all your rights, the criminal and civil penalties that you’re facing, and the likely outcomes.

I  understand your situation

My mother taught me that good people make mistakes.  So I’m here to make sure that you get the best protection and representation available. However, experience alone won’t be enough to protect you against the penalties you face. You need hard-hitting tactics that have been specially designed to address the unique needs of your case.

Casino Marker Debts Can Cripple

When you gamble in a Nevada casino on credit, it is called using a “marker.”  To get one, you have to sign a blank check at the casino cage.  If you do not repay your marker, the casino will cash your check, which will probably bounce.  The casino will usually send you a warning letter before cashing the check – after all, they want to be paid, not have to get involved in a court proceeding.  Ideally, a debtor will hire me, Nevada attorney Ryan Alexander, to negotiate their debt before the check is tendered to the bank.  I’ve negotiated repayment and reduced payments on many accounts at Nevada casinos, including debts in excess of $500,000.

If the debtor has not made arrangements with the casino and the check bounces, the casino then presents the check to the Bad Check Unit at the Clark County District Attorney’s office.  The District Attorney then increases the amount owed by 10% and begins bad check felony prosecution.  Here is the statute. A warrant is then issued for their arrest.  If a person is arrested on the warrant that is issued (usually from a traffic stop), bail is usually set at the total amount owed; arrangements can be made to quash warrants on bad checks.  I have successfully quashed warrants and resolved bad check cases in Clark County, including dismissals of all charges.




NURSING HOME SLIP & FALL - Best Attorney in Las Vegas Ryan AlexanderRyan Alexander: Las Vegas Casino Marker Debt Attorney

Dealing with casino marker debt can be challenging to say the least. Aside from embarrassing it can be stressful and life changing. There’s no doubt that facing strict penalties you need a talented casino marker debt attorney. 

Award winning  Attorney Ryan Alexander is an experienced trial attorney with extensive experience in Las Vegas. You don’t want to risk losing money, time or your freedom by using an inexperienced attorney. Call Call (702) 868-3311 to set up a free consultation and let’s get you moving in the right direction.

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